Online Courses for Vet Techs

Online courses for vet techs are offered by several universities. Some medical institutions also offer this service. Most of these sites combine online and live clinical training.


These degree programs usually offer bachelor degree and associate degree programs. A few may offer certifications of completion. All of these courses teach students how to become a veterinary technician. Basic and advanced concepts are taught. They will learn how to aid a veterinarian in their works. Students will be trained in getting animals ready for operating. They will learn how to take the vital signs of an animal. Clinical and technical training are provided on the web.

These programs present information in different ways. Reading materials are supplemented by textbooks and videos. These are used to make the lessons easier to understand. Textbooks are used to enhance their education. These books are included in the course payment. These videos can be accessed only if there is a plug-in.

Most of these courses are self paced. Some of these programs have no instructors. There are also courses that have teachers. They provide guidance for the students. Some of these courses take 18 months to complete. But others take much longer. However, the time it takes to finish a course can vary. This is because online classes have flexible schedules. Those who study part time will definitely take longer.

Advanced courses are available online too. These programs are designed for people who want to become leaders or administrators. These will take four years to finish. But full time students can finish this course in three years. The learning material, coursework and courses are all online. Students need to be connected to the web while studying.

Additional Subjects

Students will discover how to work with different types of animals. Most of these courses train assistants to care for household pets. But they will also be trained to handle livestock and various lab animals. Other courses teach them how to help veterinarians during operation.

Other topics will focus on grooming pets and performing injections. Vet techs can also specialize in gathering blood samples and putting on bandages. They will also learn how to manage oral medication.

Other Information

By graduating with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, students will be able to work. But this is only possible if the study program is accredited.

Some online courses for vet techs are free. But these programs don’t have live training. They can be used as reference, but they are impractical for professional education.