Online Courses for Veterinary Nurses

Online courses for veterinary nurses have become a popular option among students. The quality of these classes is at par with traditional colleges. But they are more convenient.


These nurses provide aid to veterinarians in curing sick animals. Assistance may come in the form of surgical help, preparing tools and so on. Aspiring vet nurses have to take intensive classes. This can now be done online.


Subjects are divided between general education and core courses. General education subjects usually include English, sociology, psychology, history and a bit of math. They must also take up chemistry and biology courses. An understanding of biology is necessary for any aspiring vet nurse.

The more advanced courses focus on animal science. The curriculum includes topics needed in the field. Mandatory topics include anesthesiology, animal anatomy and physiology. Students will learn the technology used by veterinarians, including the most common treatments.

Participants get training in microbiology and the common diseases that afflict animals. Proper handling of animals is taught in these classes too. Students will learn about the basic scientific principles that are used.

Additional Subjects

Vet nurses get trained on how to work with vet technicians. Would-be nurses must also study applied technology and science courses. They have to take up subjects that are required in the job. Some of the subjects will be animal care and nutrition, medicine dispensing and standard dental procedures.

Other courses touch on lab procedures, emergency room procedures and animal medicine. The latter explains the difference between medicines used for animals. Nurses get trained on dispensing medicine as well. Students develop skills in customer service and keeping track of medical records.

By the time they graduate, vet nurses will learn how to interact with clients as well. Additional courses have to be taken by students who opt for a four year course.The subjects vary depending on the class.

Other Information

Training programs are regulated by each state. Legitimate classes have accreditation. General education is required. Most of these students have to take up a two-year degree in veterinary technology. There are online classes which offer four year courses. But a two year course is usually sufficient. There are hundreds of study programs available, including both two and four year courses.

Online courses for veterinary nurses are expected to grow in number in the coming years. As people become more aware of their pets’ health needs, the demand for these nurses will go up.