Online Courses for Wastewater

Online courses for wastewater management cover all the critical aspects of the job. At the end of these programs you will know what it takes to keep lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water clean.

Coursework Overview

Wastewater treatment schools structure their curriculums in different ways. Be it online or not through, the sources of wastewater and their impact are studied in depth. Students also learn the characteristics of wastewater, collection systems, treatment systems, sludge treatment and disposal.

Other subjects covered in these courses are disinfection, contents of a wastewater laboratory, pumping systems and safety issues. Math concepts are also studied in these programs. A course on pumping system will cover pump maintenance, electrical systems and positive displacement pumps.

Degrees and Certificate Programs

Colleges for wastewater treatment offer numerous degrees and certificate programs for students. The most common route taken is an associate degree in wastewater treatment.

Certificate programs can be completed more quickly. But companies prefer those with degrees because they do not require any on-the-job training. If you want to begin your career in a high position, a bachelor’s degree in engineering is worth considering.

Other Subjects to be Studied

Each of the major subjects above is covered in detail. A chapter on wastewater characteristics will explain its biological, chemical, and physical traits. During your studies of collection systems, you will learn its functions, types, maintenance, lift stations and operations.

Students also get training on treatment systems flow measurement, ponds and lagoons. Other aspects that you have to study are secondary clarifiers, activated sludge, preliminary and primary treatments. You will also learn about secondary biological treatments. An integral part of these programs is disinfection. Here you have to study lime applications, dechlorination, chlorine properties and various methods of disinfection.

Other Information

Be certain the online training program has accreditation. Otherwise, the degree or certificate will be considered invalid. An online training class can be a good way to commence with this program. Even online courses have live training / apprenticeship though.

During these programs they will learn how to repair and maintain equipment. During live training, you will take part in record keeping, process control testing, discharge permit required lab testing, laboratory safety and basic lab techniques.

Online courses for wastewater are seldom standalone websites. Most of them are joined to community colleges and universities. Many of these websites are now offering some of their classes on the web.