Online Courses for Web Page Design

Online courses for web page design are very popular. Even if you don’t have a background in programming, these study programs make the learning process easy.

Free and Tuition Based Courses

There are some significant differences between the two besides the cost. Free programs usually do not have an instructor. There is no certification of completion given for finishing the course. Tuition based programs usually have more multimedia elements integrated in the lessons.

Fee based sites usually have more lessons in the site. However, many of these free courses have a lot of content as well. They have links to other sites which students may use.


Students can take up a variety of subjects. Beginners should start with basic HTML and from there proceed to CSS, CSS3 and TCP/IP. HTML coding can be done in simple apps like Notepad or specially designed programs for making web pages. Participants also have to study browser scripting. Subjects here often include JSON, jQuery, AJAX and VBScript. Courses on DHTML, HTML DOM and JavaScript are available.

There are also tutorials on SVG, XSL-FO, XML and DTD. Advanced topics include XPointer, XLink, XQuery, XSLT and XML DOM. Web scripting subjects on .NET Mobile, Razor, ASP.NET and PHP may be studied. Internet courses train students about ADO, ASP and SQL.

Additional Features

These Internet courses have several examples to help students. For instance, a course usually will have JavaScript codes for students. This is true for HTML codes, CSS and the other subjects stated earlier. There are also courses for character sets and quizzes.

Choosing a Site

Decide if you want a degree or just want to learn more facts about making websites. Next you have to decide how much information you have to learn. It is possible to spend too much time studying. Focus on your goals. Will the site be for fun or for business? If you are going to enroll in a formal site, make sure you understand the site’s policies. Don’t forget to compare their prices.

Other Information

Enrollees do not need to take up all these subjects. Some prefer to study only specific subjects. Tuition based courses usually cover a lot of these topics however. Someone with knowledge of web development will focus on advanced subjects only.

The best online courses for web page design are those with updated content. If you are designing sites for a living, knowing the latest technologies will be necessary.