Online Courses for Wildlife Careers

Online courses for wildlife careers and forestry enable you to study its different aspects. There are many career options open, and what you choose will determine the coursework.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with wildlife management classes have different features, so the curriculum differs. But they always begin with basic concepts and definition. Other topics are going to be about management practices, identification of wildlife and fish species.

You also have to study hunting, fishing, and trapping. Usually there are also topics on concepts of wildlife ecology, biology and damage management and populations dynamics. As a student you can also have to study parasites, diseases and other related subjects. These include agriculture education and the environment.

Additional Details

Universities with wildlife study programs offer several degrees with concentration in wildlife science, wildlife technology or biology. These courses will also teach you about wildlife species, their population and how their environment should be managed.

Other subjects that you can study are common practices to manipulate habitat characteristics in terrestrial ecosystems, pollution and types of pollutants and strategies for restoring polluted habitats. In habitat mapping lessons, you have to study subjects like using GPS technology to collect spatial data, wildlife management plan components and practices to improve habitat for selected species.

Animal Studies

The subjects will teach you how to identify species of fish, birds and mammals. These include classifications of game species, rare, threatened, endangered, and extinct and how animals are named and classified. In a course on mammals, you will learn what mammals are the biggest, smallest, species from field sign, skulls and skins.

A course on skin and pelt teaches you about prepare a pelt, identify different wildlife pelts and how to distinguish different bird species. A comprehensive course on wildlife includes a study of amphibians, reptiles, freshwater invertebrates and nonnative invasive species. Others have more detailed features.

Other Information

Forestry and wildlife studies are closely related. In fact there are several colleges that let you take both simultaneously. A dual degree gives you more opportunities to find jobs. There are classes which offer specialties fisheries, pre-vet wildlife and getting certification.

Usually, these programs are included in a university’s environmental study program. Sometimes these topics are included in forestry, toxicology or environmental health classes.

Online courses for wildlife careers are usually not on the Internet. In many instances, live training and on-site work is provided. This is designed to give students the work experience necessary.