Online Courses for Zoology

Online courses for zoology are not yet as popular as biology or other sciences. But for students who want to take up this course, they are available on the web. Now you can complete assignments without leaving home.


You don’t have to get up early to complete assignments. You don’t have to give up on family commitments either. Most of these courses are affordable too, much less than a traditional university.

Web classes also offer several zoology programs including many related to it. Graduates of accredited universities will receive degrees or completion certificates. These are recognized by several companies and firms.

Coursework Contents

Several subjects are studied. These include the lifestyle of animals, their characteristics and habitation. There is also research on the environment they live in. Most of these projects can be completed online. A few online classes have campuses. Their students may be required to go there every now and then for lectures. This is not always the case. Some classes offer assignments that can be completed fully online.

The coursework is similar to what you’d get if attending college. Aside from core subjects, students learn the skills necessary to become a zoologist. By taking these classes, students learn how to conduct research. They will learn the proper research techniques needed in the field.

Other mandatory topics include data collection recording and animal observation techniques. The latter is very important. Zoologists have to perfect this technique so they don’t disturb animals in their natural habitat. A typical zoology curriculum includes animal phylogeny, animal genetics and animal anatomy and physiology.

Students may also be required to study cellular and molecular biology, evolution and ecology. More advanced courses will require you to perform lab experiments. These may be simulated online or in a
real laboratory.

Other Information

Online universities have prerequisite subjects such as math and English. In most cases you also have to take up biology subjects too. This is because zoology and biology topics sometimes overlap. If the class requires hands-on training, check where it will take place.

Most online programs allow this to be done at your local zoo. It helps if you have a biology undergraduate degree because zoology is a branch of this subject. To be a zoologist you need to get the proper degree though.

Online courses for zoology are now being offered by many universities. If you want to study at your own schedule, e-learning zoology may be for you.