Online Music Courses for Credit

Online music courses for credit are not yet common, but there are starting to make their presence felt. The number of credits that you can earn depends on how many subjects you are taking. It also hinges on what majors you are studying.

Coursework Overview

Colleges for music offer general studies, subjects on specific periods, and practically everything else in between. Among the most popular subjects are Western classical music and jazz, music methods and techniques and performing 18th century music.

You can also take up conducting, advanced music performance. Using the Internet, students get training on arrangement, orchestration, traditional and modern music. Other courses that have to be studied are musicianship and fundamentals.

Degrees and Options

Your choices include Doctor of Musical Arts, Master of Music and Bachelor of Music. You can major in voice, harpsichord, jazz, orchestral instruments and other instruments. Students are also allowed to specialize in specific genres.

You can pursue studies about Australian aboriginal music, Asian music, African music and world music. There are also course dedicated to music of the 20th century, music psychology and digital music.

Degree programs can take up to five years to complete. This is usually the case when studying Master’s in Conducting and one in Opera, Master’s of Music in Teaching or Bachelor’s in Music. You can study and be an educator, scholar or performer.

Graduate and undergraduate degrees consist of different programs. Among the offerings you will see are ballet, recording arts, composition and music education. Many others are available for students.

Other Areas of Study

Many of these schools of music teach about musicology. After going through general courses, students can focus on specific disciplines. Apart from the courses mentioned, their skills in problem solving, critical thinking and analysis are developed.

By the end of these courses, students will learn how to critically discuss various elements of music. Specialties in music theory, pedagogy and performance are common in many of these schools.

Other Information

Admission requirements for these schools vary, and so does the application process. Some of them are very strict and only accept a small percentage of applicants. Most of these sites will interview the hopefuls too. Recommendations are also required in many cases.

Online music courses for credit are usually affiliated with brick and mortar music schools. The number of courses that are available varies. However, all formal web based music classes have live components.