Online Web Designing Courses for Free

Online web designing courses for free are exactly that: they provide information on how to create a website at no cost. The knowledge gained can be used to make web pages for fun or profit.

Choosing a Course

Some of these websites focus on specific subjects, but others cover a broader spectrum. For beginners, it is best to enroll in a general all-purpose site. Once you gain experience, you can specialize in a particular subject. Some people study web creation because their job requires it. Others do so for fun or personal enrichment. Almost all free courses are self pacing. They do not have tutors either.


Even the most basic courses will cover CSS and HTML. Many of them explain digital imaging concepts. These free tutorials also provide tips for designing, including proper use of color, text and images. There are also guides that teach specific applications. This is an important point.

Some websites use a particular software for their lessons. You must have that program installed. But other sites use examples that can be used on any web program.

Don’t be surprised if these courses also teach Fireworks, Flash and other apps. These are all considered part of webpage creation today. Some of the more extensive free tutorials focus on XML, animation principles and Actionscript.

More advanced courses center on database systems, animation, programming and color theory. Other popular topics are content optimization, site navigation, common mistakes and compressing file sizes.

Additional Resources

Free guides have links to other resources that you can use. Although there are no tutors, you can access forums elsewhere. They will be able to provide help. You can post questions and get answers. There is nothing wrong with using different websites for your studies.


Free Internet courses are open to everyone. Few of them will require any registration. You just have to visit the site and the lessons you are interested in. You can skip a lesson and just go to the ones that interest you.

Other Information

Free courses do not earn credit. Only a few of them offer a certification of completion. Certifications, diplomas and degrees are only given on fee based sites. These websites also have requirements (a high school diploma for instance).

There are many online web designing courses for free. Give yourself enough time to go over each one and evaluate their contents. Since they are free, you can try as many as you like.