Online Courses for Dental Assistants and Radiology

Online courses for dental assistants and radiology have usually been available in traditional universities. But there are now Internet programs which can prepare you for the job ahead.


These courses have several features, but there are some similarities in these programs. Most of them usually are made up of a single course. In a traditional class, students are set in an interactive environment where they can learn the methods used in dental x-rays. They will also learn facts about x-rays and how they are developed. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to simulate these settings online.

Participants also discover facts about radiation properties and the production of x-ray. These courses also instruct how to use the right equipment. These courses also explore techniques used for film processing.


These courses have two components: a clinical session and lecture. The concepts are learned at the lecture which can be done online. The clinical component includes demonstrations and hands-on work. Aside from x-ray techniques, these courses will also focus on radiology safety.

In some cases the entire certification program is made up of one course. Other elements in the course are troubleshooting and processing errors, darkroom procedures and mounting and labeling radiographs. X-ray exposure and assessment are also studied.


After they graduate, a certificate will be given. These certification programs also assist in the development of the students’ knowledge about x-rays. In particular these programs center on practical knowledge, theoretical knowledge and how they are used in dentistry. When you complete the certification program, you may be asked to register with the State Board of Dental Examiners.


The major certification courses require a high school diploma. On the job training is also mandatory in many courses.

Other Information

Those who study this course must also be aware of radiation techniques. Internet programs also teach proper safety procedures and how to minimize risks. In terms of job outlook, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS0 prognosis is the demand is increasing and will continue to do so up to the next decade. Once their education and clinical experience are complete, the student will be qualified to take x-rays.

Online courses for dental assistants and radiology are numerous, so you need to take your time when searching. You need to be sure of their accreditation and the information they provide. These sites detail the coursework so take advantage and see what they have to offer. F