Accredited Online Courses for Paralegals

Accredited online courses for paralegals give you several study options. The most basic are certificate programs which take less than eight months to finish. But you have other choices.

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Online paralegal classes offer certificate, associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs. An associate’s degree will take about 15 months to complete. A bachelor’s degree takes the most time at three years.


The curriculum depends on whether it is a certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree program. In the latter, the components are made up of paralegal core subjects, specialty and advanced legal courses. General education subjects may also be included. Core courses are comprised of contracts, torts, personal injury, civil litigation, writing and legal research. Legal ethics and professional responsibility are core subjects too.

Paralegal specialty subjects usually include white collar crimes, criminal law, real property, administrative law, laws on immigration, the environment and employment.

Federal income taxation, patents, trademarks and copyrights are also included in the curriculum. Alternative dispute resolution, constitutional law and criminal procedure are required subjects in bachelor’s degree paralegal studies. Students will also be trained on wills, trusts and estates and public communications law.

Advanced Courses

They usually include legal document preparation, contract provisions, drafting contracts and legal analysis. Some of these courses have prerequisites.

General Education for Paralegals

Some of the subjects are introduction to sociology, comparative politics, and management information systems. General education subjects also tackle cultural literacy, media, ideas in math and marketing principles.

Some or all of the following may be included in the curriculum as well: management principles, US history, American government and finance principles. Aspiring paralegals also have to study business writing, macroeconomics, microeconomics and international business. Accounting principles skills are also developed in these classes.


Once enrolled, you will attend a virtual classroom. Study materials on the subject are accessed and downloaded from the website. Recorded and live lectures are delivered via video. High quality websites use attorney instructors. Students can interact with them and other students. All of this is done straight from your home.

Other Information

A paralegal bachelor’s degree program provides you with sufficient knowledge concerning various legal studies. General education courses are part of these study programs. They will also develop the student’s skills necessary to advance their career. By the end of these courses, graduates will be qualified to work in companies.

Accredited online courses for paralegals usually offer trial enrollments. Take advantage of this opportunity to see what kind of program they offer.