Calculus Online Courses for College Credit

Calculus is a Mathematics course that is generally offered in college courses. Undergraduate degrees that focus on Mathematics, Science, Economics and Engineering generally require completion of Calculus courses.

The number of courses as well as the level of Calculus that a student needs to complete is dependent on the type of Bachelor’s Degree that you are studying for.

If you are still in high school and you want to take Calculus for college credit, there are AP Calculus courses that are available online and on-site.

If you wish to take your Calculus courses independently, meaning not simultaneous with your other college courses and also if you wish to take your courses in another college or university; you may want to look into signing-up for Calculus online courses for college credit.

Choosing Calculus Courses on the Internet

When you browse through online schools that offer Calculus online courses for college credit, you will find that Calculus is offered at various levels and for different semester credits. Generally, courses credits are between 3 and 4 credits per course.

Courses cover Pre-Calculus, Applied Calculus I, Calculus I, II and III; and General Calculus. Sometimes, the courses are listed as Math plus a corresponding course number.

For instance, Pre-Calculus may also be called Math 107; Math 146 is Applied Calculus I; Calculus I is Math 165; Math 166 is Calculus II; and Calculus III is Math 265.

Generally, Pre-Calculus is worth four credits and may be completed within a period of nine months. Nine months is generally the maximum allowable time of completion for a self-paced study.

Calculus I, II and III are also worth four credits each and may likewise be completed within nine months from date of enrollment. Applied Calculus I and General Calculus are worth about three credits each.

While the period of completion is normally pegged at nine months, you should still check with your online school as some courses online follow stricter schedules.

Course Formats

Online courses may be offered in a mix of several formats. For the most part, courses taken via the internet are offered in text, video and audio formats.

Study tools and notes are in the form of online textbooks and documents; lectures are generally in the form of recorded or live videos; and audio lectures may also be offered to supplement the text or videos or both.

Crediting Calculus Courses

If you are taking online Calculus courses from another school, you should check if your school accepts transfer of credits from the online school you are considering.

Now, if you will be taking your online Calculus courses from online learning portals of popular colleges and universities in the United States, credits here are usually accepted for transfer to on-campus undergraduate studies.