Free Math Courses for Adults Online

Free math courses for adults online are provided by several universities and some private institutions. These tutorials do not get credits. But if you just want to hone your skills without paying tuition fees, these resources will be sufficient.


Math Lesson

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These free courses do not have any teachers. You have to study the lessons alone (unless you are with a companion). These guides are very easy to use. Just go online. Several math sites will come up. There are websites concentrated on a single subject, while others cover different math topics. Some schools are for colleges while others are aimed at high school students. As an adult, you should be able to find an appropriate site.


Not all these sites are affiliated with established universities. Many websites are standalone, with links to their own resources. Common math topics for adults include basic algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry. Most of these subjects are divided into different courses.

Most of them are arranged similar to a college course. Practice questions and answers are provided in these sites. Statistics are also offered. Basic topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions etc are also covered. Several examples are given too.


Multimedia elements are often included in these sites. Audio, video, graphics and illustrations can be very handy. These are used to illustrate intricate concepts. To play video and audio, you must have the appropriate plug-in applications. Community colleges that offer online lessons often use instructional videos.

Free lessons are presented in an easy to understand manner. Regardless of the lesson, the subjects are presented in a comprehensible way. Studies are self paced, so there is no need to hurry.

Lessons are presented in different ways. The most popular are those with links. Others are designed in a textbook manner. That is, they have buttons which you can click to go to the next page.

Other Information

Free resources have links to other relevant sites. You can go online and access forums. Even if there isn’t a teacher, these discussion groups can help you out. Again, these programs do not earn credit.

If these are required, you must enroll in a web math class with credits. There are several of these on the Internet. You can go to any search engine and several hits will appear.

Free math courses for adults online sometimes recommend textbooks or other study materials. But these are not always necessary. There are other resources on the web you can use.