Online Courses for Teaching Math

Online courses for teaching math come in many forms. There are programs for adults, high school and college students. There are also courses for children of every grade level.


There are classes that focus on a single subject like calculus or algebra. More comprehensive websites cover practically all math subjects ranging from basic to advanced. Math subjects will also depend on who the site is targeting.

If it is for teaching college students, expect the topics to include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and other math subjects taught in traditional colleges. Simpler, more basic topics are covered in websites for high school and grade school levels. Different aspects are covered in math classes for adult education.

More Subjects

Comprehensive, detailed websites have general / foundation math, discrete mathematics / algebra, analysis and geometry and topology. There are also websites that include applied mathematics in their curriculum. Each of these categories includes several categories. Discrete mathematics has group theory, associative rings, algebraic geometry and number theory.

General math covers mathematical modeling, recreational mathematics and algebraic logic. In analysis, you study subjects like calculus of variations, operator theory, Integral equations, abstract harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. Ergodic theory and dynamical systems are included in analysis studies.

Geometry and topology web classes include studies of algebraic topology, differential geometry, global analysis and analysis on manifolds (including infinite-dimensional holomorphy).


Most websites use their own type of interface. You will be required to register with a username and password. Once you are in, you can access the lessons provided. Just like regular math textbooks, these websites use graphics and illustrations to explain mathematical concepts.

However, the Internet allows for the use of video and forum discussions to make the subjects easier to learn. Discussion boards can be used by other teachers to share and talk math.

About Free Math Classes

These are offered by many websites including universities and colleges. While free, they do have limitations. Credit is unavailable. Some OpenCourseWare (OCW) math courses require textbooks to complete the lessons.

There may also be projects for student groups that cannot be completed by a single person. No instructors are provided. This means you have to learn everything yourself. But if you just want to increase your knowledge, these sites will be fine.

Online courses for teaching math are also available for teachers. These can be used to enhance their own education. Advanced mathematics may be taken by math professors and mathematicians too.