Free Online College Courses for High School Students

Taking free online college courses for high school students is one of the best ways they can work on their CVs. This can help when they get to their college applications.


Suppose there is a university you want to enroll in; taking one of their summer or pre-college programs will give you an idea of what studying there is like. There is another benefit; these programs earn credit. These may be considered when you do decide to enroll.

Many of these subjects are online so you can study them at home. These classes are often taken during the summer. By taking these classes you will be able to remain productive even when there is no school. Because these courses are on the Internet, they can be studied at a more convenient pace. Of course, some are also free.


A variety of courses are available. Among the courses you can take are foreign language, drama and film, writing, accounting and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. You will also find subjects about theater studies, statistics, sociology, science, religion, psychology, political science and physics.

You will also find pre-college study classes offering studies on music, middle east research mathematics, literature and Latin. Additional subjects are about Independent research in the sciences, humanities, history, art and health studies.

Histories of medicine and science are also available. Ethics, politics, and economics, environmental studies and computer sciences can be studied too. You can also find different types of engineering programs such as environmental, electrical, chemical engineering and so on.

Additional Features

The Internet offers plenty of innovations. You will find that some use simulations, animation and video. In med courses, you get to treat “virtual” patients. In engineering courses you will learn what sub-disciplines are available. Other subjects are about DNA science, anatomy and physiology. Many of these courses can be taken during the summer. Most of them can be completed online.

Other Information

There are other areas of study open. Some universities offer cognitive science, classical languages, literatures and civilizations.

When these programs provide science courses, you can choose from topics like chemistry, biology and astronomy among others. High school students can also explore subjects such as architecture, archaeology, applied physics, anthropology and American studies. Many other subjects are available for study depending on the university.

Free online college courses for high school students are offered by several universities. The Internet has made it easier to decide which ones to take.