Free Online Courses for Child Development

Free online courses for child development allow students to concentrate on this field any time. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to study at any time. Even though schedules are flexible, the lessons have depth. The biggest advantage is these are free.

Coursework Overview

These programs are similar to the undergraduate and graduate levels in schools. Child development schools have courses that explore the social, behavioral and psychological changes that children undergo. It is the same with free sites.

Other subjects that are usually studied are language development, thought evolution and parent-child relationships. Hopeful educators also learn how to help children interact with others. Developing a sense of individuality, literacy and discipline are also covered. There are also courses that focus on structured learning. Training includes the use of affirmative guidance to foster relationships with kids.

Educators are trained to instill self control and self esteem in children. The steps necessary for working with young people are outlined. Numerous websites center on toddler and infant development, children’s literature and adult-child communication.

Other areas of specialization are in behavior guidance and communication skills. There are also courses focused on teaching children how to play together, improve confidence and develop their thinking abilities.

Additional Details

These childcare resources have different areas of specialization. The coursework trains educators to set up positive guidance techniques. Students learn how to prepare a curriculum, arrange schedules and make classrooms safe for kids.

The emphasis is on creating an environment that will suit children. Free websites also concentrate on related topics such as introduction to teaching, early childhood education and human growth and development.


Free resources do not have schedules; these can be accessed at any point or location. The study materials consist of videos, articles, audio and other elements. Some websites rely on PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and other applications. To view these files, you must have the proper programs installed. Some materials can be downloaded or streamed.

Other Information

Schools for development of children concentrate on the period from pre-kinder up to grade 2. Students learn how their basic motor skills are developed. Other aspects that are covered in these classes are focus and socialization skills.

Free online courses for child development have certain benefits, but there are limitations. These will not earn credits or qualify you for a degree. Nevertheless, these resources can be used by students who want to learn more. Even professionals can use them to keep their understanding current.