Free Online Courses for Teachers Professional Development

Free online courses for teachers professional development are valuable resources for educators. At no extra cost, you will be able to learn something beneficial.

Coursework Overview

These include social studies, history, mathematics, science, literature, foreign language and arts. In formal colleges for teachers topics are separated into two types: in-service and pre-service educator training.

In pre-service teacher training courses, the focus is on the development they get before entering the workforce. The coursework may consist of education, math, history or whatever subjects they intend to teach. In-service educator training also focuses on the subjects they intend to teach. Candidates will be required to attend seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops. In some cases, these courses are done virtually.

Some free sites also have live components. Here the candidate works in a classroom under the supervision of an administrator or senior teacher. During this period they will complete their portfolio, watch activities in the classroom and conduct other activities.

Additional Details

Teachers must also tackle issues surrounding the profession today. They will discuss different types of professional development methods. Teachers also find out different techniques to enhance their teaching. There are even some courses which debate on whether professional development is needed at all.

Debates and discussions are part of online curriculum. Participants also learn how educator development works in different schools. Participants discover how school boards prepare the requirements for teachers.


The purpose of these programs is to offer guidelines for teachers. The aim is to further develop their skills and those of their students. Special attention is focused on teaching students who are disadvantaged or difficult to teach.


This varies by state. Educator development colleges may add more prerequisites besides those mandated by the state. State certification and classroom experience are often needed. In-service teachers must have a graduate degree in education. These programs require candidates to pass state licensure exams.

Other Information

Legitimate courses have accreditation, free or not. This is something all candidates should look at. Having an accreditation means the site adheres to the federal and state standards. Keep in mind that states offer different kinds of certification programs. Various options exist. Alternative online programs are available for those who are unable to complete conventional ways of studying.

Free online courses for teachers professional development cannot replace the formal training offered in universities and colleges. But the education you get will have a positive effect on your career.