Free Online Courses for Early Childhood Education

Free online courses for early childhood education (ECE) give teachers, parents, students and anyone else the chance to learn the subject at no cost. These resources are available for all. Even educators can use these programs and add to what they already know.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with early childhood programs and online courses are divided into modules. Basic topics include an introduction to the subject, the scope of their job and why it is so important. Modules may include subjects such as a child’s physical environment, guiding the behavior of children and curriculum preparation.

Subjects Studied in Depth

Universities with childhood education programs explore different subjects. These are also featured in many free programs.
You can specialize in working with kids who have special needs. There are also subjects such as changes in children, keeping pace with rapid developmental changes and relationships with coworkers.

After going through the basics, you will learn facts about caregivers, teachers, families, similarities and differences with kids, the who, why and what of the job. You also learn about ECE evaluation, objectives and goals and rationale supporting it. A course on curriculum planning includes topics about developments in the physical, social, language, cognitive and creative periods. You also learn how to schedule these programs.

More Features

After going through these courses, you will also study topics on helping children cope with stress, guiding social behaviors, guiding routines and group activities. If you are studying a free course, expect them to cover a lot of other subjects related to it. You can view these files online while others can be downloaded. This is something you have to consider if you want to view the items offline.

Other Information

These programs have different requirements. Aside from degree options, you can also take up certificate programs on the web. However, there are many aspects of these free courses you have to understand. You need to remember that these do not have credit.

You cannot use these programs to earn credits for continuing education. But they are open for those who want to learn more about the subject. If you are interested in one of these programs, you need to compare their features first. It can make a huge difference.

Free online courses for early childhood education are usually standalone programs. But others are affiliated with universities. If you are interested in enrolling, these free web resources can help with your studies.