Free Online Courses for Gifted Students

Kids with a high Intelligence Quotient, ranging between 100 to 160 IQ scores, require special attention in terms of their schooling in order to address their educational needs.

There are special schools established specifically for gifted students with the curricula designed very differently from those followed in regular schools.

There are also non-profit organizations established to help gifted students delve deeper into their special gifts and also help them realize their full potential.

While your kids are getting the kind of education that they need during regular class hours, it’s the idle time that they might find challenging.

Constant Need to Learn or Be Occupied

It’s no surprise that a lot of gifted students want to keep learning and exercising their mental capacities. They are not like most kids who would rather play or frolic most of the time since they often find “regular” activities quite boring.

Come summer time, you can help your gifted child find something to occupy their time with – with something that they will enjoy and find stimulating. No, you don’t have to enroll them in their school’s summer classes.

Instead, you can look for free online courses for gifted students that they can take in the summer.

Free Online Courses for Gifted Students: What are Your Options?

The courses are actually not your typical school curriculum style of lessons but are instead offered in the form of mental games to exercise your child’s mental capacities.

This is actually very ideal especially if your gifted child will be taking the “courses” during their free time because it incorporates fun and learning into enjoyable mind games.

You can check out national associations for gifted students as well as non-profit organizations established primarily to assist gifted children with their needs – and also to provide a venue for them to fraternize with other gifted youths from around the world.

Mensa is one such non-profit international organization that provides a venue for gifted students to learn as well as to communicate with other gifted kids in a structured environment. Membership is given to those who qualify, based on IQ test scores.

Various accredited Mensa websites provide free mind games and mental exercises to anyone interested and these are designed in a way that will stimulate and challenge the high mental abilities of gifted students.

The games, although patterned after popular mind games such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles; are not designed for “regular” players to make them highly stimulating to young players with high IQ.