Stanford University Online Courses for High School Students

Distance education is definitely on a roll. In fact, there are legitimate colleges, universities, and institutions that decided to get into this business of offering a more convenient way of continuing education. One of them is no less than Stanford University.

If there is a course that this reputable institution is offering with positive response from the public, it’s the Stanford University online courses for high school students also regarded as Education Program for Gifted Youth or EPGY.

Taking Advantage of Technology

As with other online courses, Stanford’s EPGY takes advantage of what modern-day technology has to offer. Via the various communication tools, it was made possible for education to reach people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

Distance education is a program where the student is not required to report in a traditional classroom to complete a course program or an educational level or even a degree course. In this case, lectures and lessons are delivered via the Internet; textbooks are replaced by e-books. The instructor or professor or teacher does not require face-to-face interaction during oral recitations. The student and his teacher meet halfway in a virtual world that keeps them connected without troubling them to travel to-and-from the campus.

In a distance learning program, a student’s study schedule may be designed taking into considerations his regular daily routine. You do not have to devote all of your time to your education. All you have to do is to design a daily schedule that will incorporate your study into everything that you are currently busy with.

Stanford University courses for high school students have very clear goals. It aims at challenging students to reach their full potential. It aims at making students set high expectations that they can fulfill. It aims at cultivating creativity, refining argumentation skills, and fostering analytical reasoning of a gifted individual who is in the secondary level. Most importantly, the university aims to build a strong foundation for any high school student for his future academic pursuits and career goals.

Flexibility is the name of the game in distance education. There will never be time constraints that will hinder you from getting your education. There will never be any reason for any individual not to finish the level with less difficulty because he will not be required to be in a traditional classroom. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your education because you will be able to save on a lot of costs – literally and figuratively.