Free Online Courses for Human Services

Free online courses for human services allow you to study this course without having to pay. These free programs can also be used to supplement your studies on the web. These free resources explain what it takes to work in different communities and sectors.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with human resources programs and free websites often have the same contents. Subjects include esteem building, ethical principles, interpersonal dynamics and contemporary practice models. Participants in these programs also have to study behavior modification, cross-cultural communications, introduction to addictions, psychopharmacology for addictions counselors and psychiatric rehabilitation.

Free websites include skills development in psychiatric rehabilitation, vocational and community living and residential child care. Related to this course is a study on the dynamics of child abuse, role of advocacy in human services, crisis intervention and domestic/family violence.

Additional Details

By studying these free programs, you will understand how to assist and serve people. Other subjects that can be found in these sites are developmental disabilities, experiential special topics, the juvenile justice system, group dynamics and grief counseling.

Other popular topics are older adult care management, addictions counseling, family education and treatment, eating disorders and symptoms and treatments and fieldwork. Fieldwork training is not included in free websites, but they explain what kind of work you have to do. Other topics areas of interest are legal issues in counseling and divorce and family mediation.

Job Prospects

Graduates of human services degrees can work in various companies and government agencies. You can also work in organizations involved in fund-raising, philanthropy and volunteerism.


A career in this field can be very rewarding. These courses can benefit students who cannot afford to buy new study materials. Some of these resources are affiliated with universities, enhancing their credibility. They provide information on different fields which students can use.

Other Information

Educational websites also point out what requirements are needed to enroll in these colleges. They also explain what type of degree you have to study. Some of the degrees that you can study are Bachelor of Arts in Health or Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with different concentrations.

Another option is Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Concentrations on political science and government or history are usually taken. Another option is to take a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management.

Free online courses for human services can be found all over the Internet. If you are interested in counseling, program development or psychology, these resources can be for you.