Online Courses for Human Resources Assistant

Online courses for human resources assistant prepare you to work in the industry. Their main task is to manage employee records in a company. Part of their job is studying tax withholdings, performance evaluations and health care benefits. But they have other jobs that have to be studied.

Coursework Overview

Human resources assistant programs have core subjects and specialty courses. Core subjects consist of strategic management, human resource information systems, strategic human resource and project management.

You also have to study subjects such as the legal context of employment relations, international business law, the principles of managerial accounting and HRM techniques. Core subjects include business statistics, training and development. Other areas of study are performance and reward, benefits, compensation, selection, recruitment and employee relations.

More Courses

Those who want to become HR assistants can also take up decision making, environmental management and introduction to economics. Also studied are international management, professional evaluation and fundamental principles.


Classes for assistant human resources programs have different admission requirements. Once enrolled, you gain access to their online libraries and materials. Applicants must have a GED or high school diploma.

Degrees and Certificates

If you want to be an HR assistant, a two-year associate’s degree program is recommended. You have several majors to choose from. Among them are business administration and personnel administration. The concentration should be on HR management. There are also four-year bachelor’s degree programs available.

Finishing this program can increase your chances of landing a high paying job. Some of these training programs are on the web. Compared to a degree, a certificate program takes only three months to a year to complete. This is suitable for those who have completed a related degree.

Other Information

The curriculum in these classes varies. Aside from those mentioned, you can also take up employee management systems, compensation/benefits rules, workplace ethics and labor law. You will also get to study personnel recruitment, manage employee evaluations and management systems.

The curriculum also includes subjects such as organizational behavior and communications. Internship is included in these programs. This is where you will learn about employer-employee relations. The experience you gain here can make a huge difference. Part of the job includes screening applicants for a job and keeping databases.

Online courses for human resources assistant will also develop your communications and interpersonal skills. This is necessary because they have to hire people in various departments of a company.