Free Online Courses for IELTS

People who want to use their English skills for immigration, higher education, or employment purposes especially in England should take and pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). This test is accepted by some 6000 institutions in 135 countries.

To prepare for it, there are free online courses for IELTS available for candidates. It’s a self-study course helping them get ready for the test prepared by the British Council. Many participants find the tests hard to pass without help from IELTS courses. For a better chance at passing the examinations, these free online courses for IELTS are made easily accessible on the Internet.

To further make the preparation easy, IELTS courses include 3 units comprising of 30 hour blocks. These units are rotated quarterly to enable repeaters to re-take them on a different schedule. They will find the next set of tests with new contents to keep everything fair. The tests may be rigid to some but everyone is given a fair chance to pass them.

Four Skills to Hone

Four skills are important in the IELTS courses: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. It is vital to be familiar with the sentence structure, correct pronunciation, and word usage. Some experts say that watching English movies and imitating how words are pronounced there can help a lot. However, the free online courses for IELTS provide materials for this, and supplementing them with movies can be a good idea.

Scores for each skill will be indicated on the webpage where the exercises are done, with accompanying feedback—like comments and helpful tips. With these special courses participants can better gauge their skills and ascertain their progress. This gives candidates a better idea of their actual test results. However, results in these exercises do not directly reflect or influence how the actual exams would come about.

Speed and comprehension during reading exercises are timed the same as in the actual tests. Reading texts are nearly the same as what one would find in the tests. Writing tips are given after simulated tasks in the exercises. And where speaking English is concerned, there are also simulated interviews, familiarizing candidates with its different stages. They will also be able to analyze some interview strategies commonly used.

Through the courses—both the general and academic training—vocabulary power is enhanced. How new words are incorporated into speech and writing is also developed in the process.

Hence, the free online course for IELTS will equip examinees to confidently take the tests.