Free Online Courses for GED

GED, otherwise known as General Educational Development, allows individuals who did not finish high school to get a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma. With a GED certificate, individuals can go on to college.

Candidates who usually benefit from this are students who dropped out of school because of personal reasons, the most common of which is early parenthood; young adults who were unable to finish school because they had to work early on to help with family finances and adults who dropped out of school but now would want to hold a GED certificate for personal fulfillment.

In order to get the certificate, individuals will have to pass all the mandatory tests – there are 5 of them in all. It is therefore important that you prepare for the tests as best you could in order to ensure that you will get your certificate.

You can check the internet for free online courses for GED so you can prepare for your tests without having to pay for review materials – plus at your own convenience.

Structure of GED Test

There are five sections of the GED Test: Language Arts: Writing, Language Arts: Reading, Social Studies, Science and Math.

Each of these test categories touches on several subjects per item. For instance, Language Arts: Writing includes sentence structure and organization while Language Arts: Reading covers fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry.

Science includes Physical Science and Life Science while Math covers Geometry and Statistics; among others.

Free Online Courses for GED

Seeing that the five sections of the test cover a wide range of topics, it is essential that you prepare as much as you can for all the tests.

As previously mentioned, there are free prep courses for GED that you can find on the internet.

These will enable you to fully prepare yourself each section of the test at no cost. Links that will direct you to a specific page with the lessons and practice tests are provided by the site that offers these free courses.

There are actually quite a few providers of free prep courses so if you need to pay more attention to certain subjects, you can avail of the prep courses targeting specific topics, as offered by different sites.

The practice tests will also help you gauge your knowledge on the subjects and will give you an idea of how the actual GED Test will be like.

Usually, online support is also provided by the site so you can ask questions about the lessons or seek further help with certain areas you may be having difficulty with.