Free Online Courses for Medical Transcription

Free online courses for medical transcription are used by many students. These used to be available in traditional schools only. But they are now directly on the Internet. With these free resources, you can study at no cost.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with med transcription programs begin by explaining word structures along with several examples. There are also subjects on glossary/index of medical term, labeling anatomy diagrams and meaning of laboratory values. You will also learn about disease processes, suffixes & prefixes and terms relating to the human body.

There are also courses that explain subjects on professional issues, healthcare records, computer training program and surgical procedure terminology. You also have to study laboratory diagnostics, human diseases and English proficiency. There may be other topics that have to be studied such as ethics and job prospects. These are many subjects that you can study; the contents will depend on the site.

Other Areas of Study

As a student you have to study the terminology concerning the endocrine system, ears/nose/throat, skin, musculoskeletal system and lymphatic & immune systems. You will also learn words and concepts concerning the blood, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, male/female reproductive, digestive and urinary systems.

You will also perform writing exercises, learn abbreviations and vocabulary. Other subjects are about psychiatry, pharmacology, cancer medicine, radiology/nuclear medicine/radiation therapy and others.

Additional Details

These free programs allow you unrestricted to all the materials on their website. Aside from reading materials, they also use videos and animation. With formal education programs, you may be required to buy CDs, textbooks and other stuff. These figures do not have live classes.

There are also no instructors. However, the contents of these sites are updated regularly. However, the contents vary. But since they are free, you can study them anytime you want. There are no schedules to follow.

Other Information

As a transcriptionist, you will be trained in taking dictation from a doctor. You will learn how to turn these into documents and reports. You will find out how to add the information to a patient’s chart. There are several colleges that offer this course. But there are several schools dedicated just to it. These programs usually take a year to complete. The study classes will take thousands of minutes to complete.

Free online courses for medical transcription are not going to earn credits. For this reason, they cannot be used for pursuing a degree. But if you want to increase your knowledge of the subject, these programs will be more than adequate.