Free Online Courses for Medical Transcriptionist

Free online courses for medical transcriptionist give you the option to study this popular subject. These free programs for transcriptionists explain your basic tasks including transcribing as set by doctors and physicians.

Coursework Overview

Universities with medical transcription programs will teach you a lot of different subjects. The same is true with these free courses. These topics being with the pre-transcription phase followed by transcription phase (this can take up several modules) and the post-transcription phase.

Other course subjects are about physical therapy consultation, correspondence reports. You will also learn how to transcribe reports on infectious diseases, radiology hematology, medical transcription basics and the language fundamentals.

Students also have to learn about correct capitalization and how to use the proper report format. You will also learn how to prepare administrative documents, correspondence and various kinds of medical reports. There are many other topics that may be included in the curriculum.

Additional Details

As a transcriptionist, you will become familiar with the following systems: respiratory, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, nervous and urinary. These courses will teach students the importance of keeping medical reports private. They are also taught how to transcribe reports correctly using the proper format. These courses will instruct you how to use metric measurements, symbols, abbreviations and punctuation.


These programs will emphasize proper English spelling, responsibilities required of medical transcriptionists and skills development. You also learn how to use medical terms be used. Some of these programs use videos for explaining different concepts.

Requirements for Students

These classes require some understanding of medical terminology. If you have not yet taken med terminology, you can study them on the web for free. Free courses do not require any registrat8ion, but those in formal sites do. They also require tuition fees. You must also know how to use Microsoft Word as it is needed for preparing documents.

Other Information

Internet courses teach you how to prepare reports on the web. These are to be submitted on the web. This is not usually featured on free websites. Your studies will be helped by good keyboarding skills. You can use these free resources to improve your accuracy. If you are interested in enrolling in a course, check what their requirements are.

Free online courses for medical transcriptionist are also available in some universities. Others are available from standalone websites. These are online classes which do not have any live counterparts. The entire program is on the Internet.