Free Online Courses for Nurses

Free online courses for nurses provide them with additional resources for study. Whether you are going to take LPN/LVN, CNA or RN, resources are available.

Overview of Coursework

There are several options for nursing students. The contents usually center on preparation for NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination). Advice and guidance are given in these sites too. These US nursing universities get students ready for a career in nursing. Different subject matters are covered.

You will find topics on foundation sciences for health, social care and good practice habits. Major subjects such as collaborative practice development, use of evidence for study and support and applied sciences are also included.

Free sites also have resources for transition to registered nurse, becoming more proficient and many others. Free courses do not include any clinical training. These programs also give information about working in medical offices.

These websites also focuses on the future careers of nurses. There is information on how to work in private home care, rehab centers and hospitals. Students also get trained on working in dental surgical offices and other facilities. There are also subjects on how to advance your career.

Other topics available for training are on management, mental health nursing and obstetrics. Students also get the chance to focus on patient rehabilitation/recovery, gaining management experience and high dependency and crisis care.

At the same time students can gain knowledge of acute general medicine and surgery, accident and emergency. Other areas of study available are continuing care needs, continuing education and many others.


Courses often use videos and live streaming conferences. Other sites use images, graphics, animation and other elements. These websites are run by professionals. Email, forums, chat rooms and other discussion boards are used.

Students can learn at their own pace. Students develop vital skills needed to work in the industry. A few of these sites will require you to register. But this won’t cost a thing. System requirements vary. Aside from an Internet connection, you should have a browser that can view videos. This is necessary because more and more sites are using them.


Most of the free information online is provided by nursing colleges and schools. This feature ensures that the information is up to the standards in the country.

Free online courses for nurses do not earn credits. But the information is updated regularly. Rather than buy expensive textbooks, you can use these websites instead.