Online Refresher Courses for Registered Nurses

Online refresher courses for registered nurses are available for nurses who have taken a break from the job. These courses can also be used by professionals to update their knowledge.


Many of the Internet courses are affiliated with traditional universities. The majority of them are a combination of online learning and clinical studies. These courses have different lengths. But some may last 14 weeks. Most of the time, the clinical component will be longer. There are also self-study courses so you can study at a pace you are comfortable with.


Some courses have certain restrictions. For example, some sites only accept enrollees who have not been active for five years maximum. Other sites accept nurses who have been inactive for ten years maximum. Check the site rules before signing up. Some of these programs also accept registered nurses and graduates who want to expand their knowledge. You must also submit proof of your license.

The cost is usually around $1800 to $2000. There may be some substantial variations depending on the site. You can pay for the courses in one go or in installments.

Course Contents

These courses cover a variety of topics. Among them are breast cancer, pain management, nurse management and ethics. Other topics which you can study are reflexology, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS updates. There are courses which require on-campus activities.

University affiliated sites may require you to attend campus for orientation purposes. There are also a few sites that require weekly meetings with instructors. This is not always necessary.

Clinical Work

This will usually consist of at least 100 hours a couple of days a week. The clinical modules are done at facilities chosen by the online site. You have to present your license for the clinical modules. Other topics which are studied are conscious sedation, nurse legal issues and dealing with pandemics.

Other Information

Refresher courses usually have other requirements. Among them are immunizations from hepatitis B, MMR, TB and other diseases. They also have to submit educational background info and a physical exam statement within the last six months. Some sites will also require a health insurance. Depending on the clinical site, background checks and professional liability insurance will be needed.

Online refresher courses for registered nurses also require reliable Internet access. Although most of the study materials are online, some will require you to purchase textbooks or other supplementary materials.