Free Online Courses for Paralegal

Free online courses for paralegal… Well, as they say, there really is no free lunch but in the world of online education there actually can be found sometimes courses and online insturction in many fields and paralegal study is indeed available. And if these courses are not free, well there are at least some afordable courses which are being taken by people who want to embark on a legal career. These programs provide certifications and degrees. These classes are every bit as extensive as traditional classes and these programs are also recognized by companies worldwide.

It is a sad fate that in today’s society it seems more and more things, in fact almost all facets of life, things seem very litigious. More and more activities and every day dealings need some sort of legal protection or legal resolution. While on the surface this can be very cumbersome and annoying, this fact also means that the career field dealing with the law, in all aspects, is a growing field. This looks to be the case for a long time to come too!

So, while you may not have the time or money for a full blown legal degree going to law school, there are other jobs in this arena of justice and the legal system like the paralegal one. So let’s take some time to look into free online courses for paralegal study.


The most obvious is that these courses are free. Some other benefits include that the content is constantly updated and as the classes are online, you can study anytime and arrange your own schedule. Often it isn’t unusual for employees to shoulder the costs of tuition based paralegal sites. This is often the option taken by professionals. In terms of contents, these sites are of the highest quality. So while some of these courses do indeed cost money, they will be free to the student if your company pays for it, right?

Free Certification

Free certifications are offered online as well. But make sure that they are accredited. Most programs that offer certifications are tuition based. That is why it is important to be careful when researching. Few universities or educational institutions offer these courses for free. Once you find a site, registration may be required.

Federal Grants

Some of these courses can be obtained by getting an associate’s degree. You will also find that federal grants are available in certain circumstances. This can be accomplished by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form.

Training to become a paralegal is offered. These grants will shoulder tuition and miscellaneous educational fees. Some local courses also offer grants, which effectively make the course free. Online community colleges may provide these packages too.

Related and Required Courses

Several subjects have to be studied. Credit hour requirements differ, although you can expect some of them to be around 40 hours. Mandatory subjects include computer training, mathematical reasoning and foreign language communication. Written compositions are also required. Life science and technology and physical science are also required in most online classes.

Core courses include legal writing & research, law office administration & technology and paralegal introduction. Among the most important are family law, court rules and litigation. Other subjects include studies of legal environment of business, communication and processing information.

Other Information

Prerequisite courses may include geography and sociology, economics, anthropology, history and government. Many of these programs also require knowledge of arts and humanities. Cross-cultural or international studies will also be helpful. Students must also be aware of the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Credit hour classes will require knowledge of social issues and sociology.

Free online courses for paralegal are becoming even more popular. After graduating from these classes, you will be able land a job. These courses can even lead to promotion.

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