Free Online Courses for Phlebotomy

Free online courses for phlebotomy provide insights on how these medical professionals work. Many of them they do not earn credit. But they give you plenty of information as to what these courses feature.


These online programs employ several techniques to show information. Even though these resources are free, multimedia is employed extensively. Videos, graphics and illustrations are included in most of these sites. Webcast is used in some free resources. With this technology, you will be able to view hands-on demonstrations of the methods used by phlebotomists.


The most obvious advantage is they won’t cost a cent. Anyone who wants to enroll will have an easier time getting familiar with online study formats. The schedules are not as restrictive as in a traditional class. You can make classes fit in your schedule and not the other way around.


The core courses teach students how to draw blood. You will be trained in specimen collection and various lab testing procedures. Other basic topics include coordinate testing to correspond with doctors’ orders. Other subjects include patient care assistance and as a patient liaison.

These free courses can be studied anytime. It is not the same with tuition based courses.

These programs take anywhere from nine months to a year. If the course is accredited, you’ll get a completion certificate. You will also be ready for the certification exam. Classroom components can be taken online. Clinical and lab tests take place in medical clinics and hospitals nearby.

Other topics that can be studied are anatomy and physiology, collection equipment and electrocardiograph and vital signs. Once enrolled, you will be trained in making difficult draws and skin puncture collection. Advanced courses include pre-analytical error prevention in the laboratory and laws concerning the subject.

Students will be trained in venipuncture and many others. After graduating, you will be able to take the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) registry examination.

Other Information

These free programs do not have any hands-on or clinical training. Clinical training is required to be a professional phlebotomy and provided in formal training sites. But these free resources do act as a refresher course. These resources also provide information for those who want to enroll in one of these courses.

These resources can be used by professionals. These programs may also be taken by aspiring lab technicians, physicians’ assistants and other medical professionals.

Free online courses for phlebotomy teach students how to find and properly puncture a vein. By the time you finish, you will discover what types of equipment and needles have to be utilized.