Free Online Courses for LPN

Free online courses for LPN are not as rare you may think. These resources are now on the Internet and can be downloaded and studied.


These free programs are available as OpenCourseWare products. OpenCourseWare was developed by universities so students across the world can access information from their schools freely. These materials can be accessed via the web. These are open not just for nurses but also the general public.


These courses cover pertinent subjects like medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and other related topics. Laboratory exercises and group assignments are also bundled in these course materials. Because these courses cover various subjects, you should only study those that you can handle alone. Some of the topics you can find there are problem sets and reading assignments.

These programs are designed in different ways. Some of them are made up of various units. There you will learn mobility, oxygenation and professional issues in nursing. There are also subjects about legal issues that you can study. The topics in these sites include development and career growth.

LPN nurses can also take up topics such as nutrition, taking care of patients and making the right decisions. You also have the option to study subjects like physical assessments and how to interview patients. These free courses also teach you how to research and prepare patient histories.


These courses can be studied anytime. There is no need to buy additional study materials. You should be able to complete the materials without having to buy anything. Some of these sites have exams. Patient health assessments are also on the web.

Other Information

There are refresher courses for nursing students. You can also take up topics such as initial evaluation, personal care, dealing with stress related to work and ensuring patient safety. The latter subject includes topics such as giving patients a bath and grooming them. Of course there are also topics that will teach you how to read vital signs.

There are also subjects about nursing leadership roles. This is something that you can take up. There are even resources that develop your ability to write, read and think. Ethical issues and dilemmas are also discussed in these sites. Management theory, health care and leadership topics are also on the web.

Free online courses for LPN cannot be compared to formal nursing programs. But as the facts show, they can be used to gain information about the subject.