Free Online Courses for Psychology and Social Work

Free online courses for psychology and social work are often provided in the same site. Although social workers perform some psychological therapy, these subjects are often taken separately.

Coursework for Social Work

Among the topics are sexual disorders, sex therapy, childhood sexual abuse, tobacco addiction, sexually transmitted diseases and domestic violence issues. Aspiring and professional social workers can study Inhalant abuse, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse, bipolar disorder, Tourette syndrome and disorders caused by stress and anxiety.

Depression, hallucinogens and dissociative drugs are included as well. Drug abuse courses deal separately with cocaine, heroin and other drugs. Social workers also study the Mental Health Parity Act, NBCC Ethics Code, APA Ethics Code and the effect of alcohol. Additional subjects that can be taken up are about stroke, dementia, autism disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

Psychology Coursework

Several are available online at no cost at all. Among those frequently taken up are courses in addiction, stress symptoms, sleeping problems relations, psychotherapy and psychiatric drugs. Other course topics that are available are mood swings, personality disorders, healthy living and depression. Students may also take up bulimia, anxiety, panic, OCD and anorexia.

Continuing Education

Most of these psychology and social work programs are for continuing education (CE / CEU). This is necessary in many states. By finishing the course you will be able to renew that license. These CEU courses can be bought directly on the web.

You can buy in bulk or individually. Their format varies. Basically you just have to read the material. Afterwards you take the test online. You will get a certificate after passing the exam. These certificates are printable.


These courses can be earned from the comforts of home. There will be no problems such as traveling and expenses. These programs provide up to date relevant courses. Whether you are taking psychology or social work, you can be sure these courses are going to meet your requirements. State licensing boards have their own requirements.

Most websites have a search option so picking courses will be easy. The process is simple. Just choose your state and license. You will see your state board requirements. Make sure that these courses have accreditation from the proper authorities. An online tour is offered by many sites. You can use this to determine what the site is about.

Free online courses for psychology and social work have different requirements. Some of them can be read directly. Other sites require you to register first.