Free Online Courses for Spanish Language

Free online courses for Spanish language are now more prevalent than ever. Anyone with Internet access now has the opportunity to learn the language at their own pace. However, the quality of these sites varies. Here are some of the things you may want to look at.


The most basic site lists popular Spanish expressions, proverbs and sayings. A guide to pronunciation and dictionary are often included as well. Some are more detailed. They provide links to medical Spanish terms, grammar courses and a conversational course.

The latter feature is very important for those new to the language. Those who want to learn basic Spanish can just memorize conversational courses. Learning medical terms can also be useful, as well as emergency terms.

Going Through Lessons

Since these lessons are free, you can go through them any way you like. Beginners should commence from the start. Otherwise they won’t understand the more intricate parts. If you already know some Spanish, go through the lessons that interest you. Subjects may include “family”, “numbers and letters”, “colors”, “going to a restaurant”, “asking for directions or help” and so on.

Audio and Video

A growing number of sites are implementing audio and video. Audio helps with the pronunciation; you no longer have to decipher the pronunciation guide written down. Video is sometimes included too.
But in language courses, audio is often sufficient.


If you are serious about studying, examine the site layout. Are the links easy to find? Does the page load quickly? Does it provide helpful links? Nothing is more frustrating than looking for links or finding that they are dead.

There are other elements that should be considered. Does it have a “printable” section? This is something you should check if you want a hard copy of the lessons. Once you have studied the basic lessons, read articles in Spanish. This is a good way to test your knowledge. In fact some sites offer this as part of the course. Free tests are also provided so you can track your progress.


Set aside several minutes or at least an hour a day studying. This will go a long way towards making you fluent in the language.

Free online courses for Spanish language are for everyone. Those who just want a bit of knowledge will find sites to their liking. There are also lessons for those who have advanced knowledge but want to learn more.