Online CE Courses for Dental Assistants

Online CE courses for dental assistant are necessary so they remain updated on the latest techniques. In some states and countries, this is also needed to maintain their license.

Overview of Coursework

These classes will help you stay aware of the latest information about dentistry. There are also refresher courses for assistants. You will also find classes exploring the latest technology and techniques used in the field.

Updates on the latest tools, equipment and safety practices are also covered. Apart from standard topics, new subjects are discussed. Even though you are an assistant, it is important that you remain aware of these facts.

You can take as many CE courses as you want. However, states usually have minimum CE requirements for license renewal. Check your state for more specific information. Most dental assistants don’t need to sit down for tests, but many dentists have to do that on a regular basis.


Those enrolled in these courses will study via a web interface. You will be required to register. You will be given a username and password which you use to log in. Features include instant messengers, email and forums.

A few of these sites use teleconferencing or webcast. Special software is installed allowing you to submit assignments on the web. These sites usually have deadlines for their school projects.


The biggest benefit of studying online is you can do it at home. In fact you can study anywhere as long as you have Internet access. Study classes on the web are convenient. Continuing education programs have flexible schedules too. You will also encounter subjects about non-dental issues. These have to be taken up in case a dentist or their assistant runs into it.

Among the topics covered are risk management, ethics and law. The latter can vary a great deal because rules differ per country. Subjects such as HIV/AIDS, oral cancer and other disease of the mouth and teeth can be studied in depth. Medical emergencies and responses are discussed in detail as well. Other subjects such as domestic violence and esthetic dentistry are required studies.

Other Information

CE classes are available from several websites. They are also offered by online universities and private institutions. Aside from the subjects mentioned above, additional courses may be taken up. Dental assistants may take preparatory subjects that prepare them for the licensing examinations.

Online CE courses for dental assistant are very convenient. They will enhance your abilities and improve your skills along the way.