Online CEU Courses for Occupational Therapists

Online CEU courses for occupational therapists provide you with plenty of opportunities to keep learning. With the web, it becomes possible to study anywhere you are as long as there is an Internet connection.

Coursework Overview

The focal point of these occupation therapy colleges is physical rehab and training. You learn the different treatments used for patients with illness or injury.

These courses introduce OTs to the latest strategies for enhancing a patient’s life. There are also courses that deal with the physical and emotional stress patients experience. There are also refresher courses for those who have completed their studies. Specific coursework focusing on theory and practice are available.

You will also learn how to help patients overcome limitations. The final objective is to assist them in living a fruitful life. Other courses are about occupational performance, rehab science and neuroscience. There are also subjects concerning pediatrics in OT, musculoskeletal anatomy, aging and health, principals of disease and other related courses among many others.

Additional Details

Colleges for occupational therapists also provide specializations. For instance, you can focus on health, anatomy, physiology, sports injuries and many others. There are also specializations for those who want to work with children or the elderly.

Most of these programs provide interaction among professionals. Aside from the courses mentioned, they are also taught habits and skills
needed to be successful in the industry.

For License Renewal

These courses are not just for personal enrichment purposes. These are actually required in states. Therapists must earn a specific number of credits to maintain their license. This is achieved by taking these courses. With sufficient credit, your license will be renewed without problems.

Other Information

These classes will also teach you how to conduct research. Many of these courses employ videos for their lectures and demos. Since these programs are online, contents are updated more often. There are also courses that explain the differences between doctoral, bachelor and associate’s programs.


If you are going to take a continuing course, determine how many credits you have to take to complete the credit requirement. This will vary by state. Next, be certain that the state has accreditation. This will ensure that the course will be recognized. Few of these programs will require fieldwork, although the subject may be covered in course discussions.

Online CEU courses for occupational therapists are not just available in universities. They can also be obtained in various privately owned websites.