Online Courses for Occupational Therapist Assistant

Online courses for occupational therapist assistant offer students several options. With the demand for therapists increasing, now is as good a time as any to enroll in an Internet class.

Overview of Coursework

Numerous topics are available, but the most popular are therapy for children and old folks. Students may also take up a course in neuroscience, essential in therapy. You will learn how to function under a professional therapist. Therapy assistants are expected to help patients in all aspects of their rehab. They receive training to help patients adjust to their workplace.

The majority of the courses teach enrollees how to work with patients with mental and physical disabilities. They also become skilled in helping patients with emotional or developmental issues. However, assistants may specialize in a particular area. But they need to have some knowledge of each of those conditions. These online programs get them ready for the National Board for Certification in Occupational
Therapy test.


The majority of these sites use Blackboard to convey lessons. Message boards, discussion forums and chat programs are used extensively. Assignments are posted and graded online. However, schedules are convenient; students do not have to log in at a specific time.

This isn’t just for assignments, but for other lectures too. Students can go online at any time of the day they want and finish their assignments. Study programs begin with an overview of the profession. This includes the basis of the profession and its philosophy.

Part and parcel of these courses is the study of the human nervous system. The emphasis is on sensory and motor behavior. Students will also learn how to identify diseases that afflict the nervous system. At this point students can choose to focus on therapy for adults or children.

Regardless of which, students will study the treatments available and what are being developed. Enrollees will also learn how to interact with patients. This skill is important especially when training them how to adapt to cope with their condition. Communications skills are necessary whether the patients are adults or children.

Other Information

Therapists and their assistants work in hospitals, health centers, clinics and rehab centers. Many of these study programs offer live training. These are conducted in clinics near the student’s area. Some of these sites also give job hunting advice.

Online courses for occupational therapist assistant use the latest technology during training. Steaming videos and webinars are becoming increasingly common.