Online Continuing Education Courses for Occupational Therapists

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Online continuing education courses for occupational therapists (OTs) are necessary for them to maintain their licenses. The following are some of the other facts that OTs have to consider.


These Internet programs allow OTs to meet or exceed the amount of continuing education (CE) required by their state. These courses have other purposes; they function as refresher courses for seasoned therapists.

At the same time they assist therapists get familiar with the latest trends and innovations in the field. Even if these were not available during their schooling, CEs will keep them updated. Therapists must complete certain number of courses. In some cases the training has to be in person.

Features and Options

These sites center on several aspects. While many elements of these courses are on the Internet, some of them are affiliated with symposiums and seminars. This may require you to attend them in person. Participants have to go over numerous articles dealing with various subjects. Some of these websites provide their study materials on DVDs or CDs.

The more advanced courses focus on podcasts and webcasts. Video streaming and video conferencing are becoming commonplace. Among the topics studied are physical therapy modalities, aging population and the various problems that affect them. There are also more general subjects which affect practitioners.

Coursework Content

This will vary from state to state. In some cases the therapists may be required to get CE credit on particular topics. On the other hand, some regulations state that they have to get credit with regards to OT legal regulations. The goal of these courses is to prevent errors from taking place.

Some states do not have specific topics. Instead they are centered on occupational therapy patient care, ethics, assistive technology and other related topics. Among these topics are injury recuperation, pediatrics and other diseases.

Requirements for Licensing

Whether you study online or not, you have to meet the state licensing standards imposed by the state. Experience and education, many states have age requirements. There are also examinations that OTs have to pass. In the US, the test is administered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy.

After they pass the test, they will get the opportunity be credited. The CE courses come after the therapists get their license and credentials.

Online continuing education courses for occupational therapists are not just for keeping licenses. They also enable them to earn credits.