Online Computer Courses for Teachers

Online computer courses for teachers are available for educators and those who are still studying. Thanks to the Internet, you now have several study options. Even if you have graduated, continuing education programs are available.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with computer study programs have different scopes. Some of them may focus on IT entirely, or a particular set of software or hardware. A basic course includes terminology and troubleshooting PC problems and errors.

You also study the internet and online services and an overview of operating systems. You can learn about storage devices and hardware components like the mouse, keyboard, CPU, RAM, hard disk, printer, scanner etc.


Teachers can use this knowledge to integrate technology into the classroom. Updating their knowledge of computers will help them keep abreast with tech savvy students.

Operating System Courses

Universities with computer programs may also focus on specific operating systems. A course on Windows XP or Vista will include the basics, opening, closing, and rearranging windows. You will also learn how to use a mouse, the Start menu, and the taskbar. You also study security and search features and learn to find files.

Courses on Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software suites, which is why many classes teach them. Subjects include customizing Word, editing basics, managing text flow and integrating the applications. There are also separate courses available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the other Office programs.

Other Courses

Teachers who want to learn computer programming can do so. There are free and pay sites for Java, C++, Visual Basic and many other programs. Computer science is also available in several websites. Studies can range from basic to advanced. Educators can study just enough so they can teach students. Or they can take courses in-depth in case they want a career change. There are short courses and certificate programs.

More serious students can take up a doctorate, master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. Many schools offer Master of Engineering, Master of Science and other degrees related to computing. You also have the option of specializing in bioelectrical engineering, engineering physics, systems and electronics. More advanced topics like nanotechnology, computer engineering and software development are available. Videos and animation are often used in these courses.

Online computer courses for teachers may or may not earn credit. Those that earn credit usually require payment or tuition fees. Most colleges and universities require teachers to have knowledge of computers. But a degree in IT is usually not needed.