Online Continuing Education Courses for Cosmetology

Online continuing education courses for cosmetology are necessary for them to maintain their skills. In the past these classes could only be done in a traditional classroom. But today there are Internet classes where you can finish your continuing education (CE) needs.


Two factors always come into play when choosing these classes: cost and schedule. Most of the courses on the Internet can be accessed any time of the day. This is the ideal situation for busy people who work during the day or night. The cost varies depending on what you are taking up.

Course Contents

Different topics are covered. Participants can focus on general subjects like electrology, skin care or hairstyling. Most of these sites have interactive lessons so the subjects are easier to understand. These techniques have been used in salons so you can be certain of their efficiency.

Different formats are used in these sites, so try different types until you find the one you are comfortable with. Some websites can be used by anyone who is in the business.

Others are maintained by salons; the courses are intended for their employees or new hires. Advanced courses are also available for those who need customized training. These are programs for stylists who need a unique kind of training.

Most of the time all the information you need is on the website. In other cases you have to buy CDs, DVDs and other supplementary materials. Different skill levels are available so you can progress.

Those who finish the course will be awarded a certification of completion. These certificates are printable so you can carry them around.


These CE courses will require your license number. This is necessary so the site knows you are a professional who needs CE. You also have to understand the payment options offered. Most allow you to pay per class. But others give you the option to pay for everything in advance.

Other Information

Once you are enrolled, you can study a variety of subjects. Among them are beauty treatments, cosmetics, pedicures, manicures and other similar topics. Some of these sites are now using videos to illustrate various points.

Aside from on-site documents, you also study using downloadable worksheets and PDF files. You may also be required to download and install software to use some materials.

Before taking online continuing education courses for cosmetology, make sure that it conforms to the state cosmetology board standards. Consult the state rules before enrolling in the class.