Online Course for Nursing Home Administrator

An online course for nursing home administrator can lead to various job opportunities. Most of them are usually part of a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree program. They are also part of a certificate’s program. All of these end up in a state certification examination.


This administration course is also known as long term care administration. It mixes business management along with the knowledge required in a nursing setting. There are several courses which students can enroll in. Some of these programs are taken with the goal of getting a master’s degree in long term administration.

While there are different degrees, the typical program covers subjects like financial management, facility management, the aging process and various healthcare systems.

Features and Variations

Many of these programs offer courses online. But some of them are of a hybrid nature. This means the course will have on-campus / on-lab work along with their Internet studies. The purpose of these studies is to get students ready for certificate tests. This is done via internship and classroom lectures. The certification requirements vary state by state.

Internet programs are set up in different ways. The majority of them now use a style similar to a bulletin board. Various assignments and documents are given to students. The coursework is submitted through various means.

There is interaction between students and instructors via email, forums and discussion forums. Some sites have sample tests, but the certification exams have to be taken in person.

Nursing Facility Financial Management Course

This focuses on the financial aspects of long-term care facilities. The subject also focuses on the billing process for private and public care payers. Would-be administrators are instructed how to do accounting. Finance management theories and nursing ethics as they relate to nursing are also studied.

Other Information

There are also courses which specialize in law as it relates to nursing. Related topics include regulations, policy and various other concerns. There are also courses which deal with government regulations and hospice care.

An aging course focuses on the needs and various illnesses that afflict old people. This course also covers many physiological and psychological changes that come with growing old.

An online course for nursing home administrator can also focus on labor practices that affect healthcare facilities. Some of the topics which are covered are job performance, retention and recruitment. Some courses also focus on management, diversity practices and union relations.