Online Courses for Auto Mechanics

Online courses for auto mechanics are open for students, professionals and anyone who is interested in fixing cars. If you want to become an auto tech, web based programs will give you the training required.

Coursework Overview

Auto mechanic classes are comprised of different modules. Following an introduction to the subject, basic concepts will be taught to students. You will receive training in automotive technology, engines, electricity and engine performance. You will also get training on passenger comfort, brakes, steering systems, and suspension.

Other car parts like transaxles, auto and manual transmissions are also covered. You also have to study basic theories and math, basic services, preventative maintenance and working safely in a shop. More basic subjects include identification of diagnostic equipment, special tools, shop equipment and hand tools. You will also become skilled in automotive systems, workplace skills and careers in the automotive industry.

Additional Subjects

Universities with car mechanic training include subjects on alternative fuels, the latest technologies and practical exercises. An Internet course will also explain what Instruments and tools have to be used.

Other topics include repair and maintenance tasks, automobile systems and other topics and safety practices. Other topics that have to be studied are heating and air conditioning.

Engine Study

This is an integral component of any car mechanic course. Topics include cooling and lubricating systems, engine sealing and reassembly, upper / lower end theory and service, automotive engine designs and diagnosis. A module on engine performance will discuss fuel and other energy sources.

Other areas of study are emission control diagnosis, systems and services. Exhaust, intake systems, fuel injection system diagnosis and electronic fuel injection are part of the curriculum. Also included are fuel delivery systems, ignition system diagnosis, diagnosis and sensors. You will also study engine performance systems. There are many other subjects that you can study.

Live Training

This is an essential part of the curriculum. Live training will prepare you for work. Students get to use dwell testers, remote starter switches and fuel pump testers. You also get trained to use a vacuum, compression tester, timing light and others. Usually, these are provided by the school at no extra cost. Videos are sometimes used in these websites to show how instruments are used.

Online courses for auto mechanics are available from several technical schools. Not all these programs have web based classes. Some of them cover general car studies while others focus on specific automobiles.