Online Courses for Automotive Engineering

Online courses for automotive engineering cover a broad spectrum of subjects similar to universities and colleges. Apart from engineering per se, related programs can be considered in depth by the student.


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Internet courses are for graduates and undergraduates. Those who want to enhance their knowledge without cramming their schedule will benefit most from these web resources. Of course those who wish to study full time online may do so as well.

Related Courses on the Web

The majority of programs online serve up training for vehicle repair and maintenance and manufacturing too. There are qualified sites offering auto repair technician training programs and the fundamentals of auto transmissions. Those who study these courses will learn automotive engine parts and operation, steering and wheel alignment and suspensions.

Other topics covered are fuel systems, brakes, ignition systems, cooling systems and engine systems. While the training is online, the tutorials provide examples of hands on application.

There are also online programs which offer a wider range of related disciplines like computer science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. These topics include the study of concepts like project management, electronics systems, automotive design and digital systems.

More advanced courses have lessons on the actual manufacturing processes and integrated automotive systems. It is also possible for students to concentrate on specific aspects.

Costs and Other Expenses

Make sure the tuition fees cover all the expenses. This will include online support, the certification and preparatory materials including books. This should be the case whether you are studying vehicle ergonomics, safety engineering, vehicle dynamics, shift quality or another discipline.

Other Information

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While directly related to engineering, online sites also offer programs like automotive technical training, supervision and planning within the industry. With some universities, online studies are called online distance learning. They are the same thing. Most of them are affiliated with industry leaders and pioneers.

Whether you want to study noise and vibration, control systems or thermal engineering, there are courses available. You can also specialize in engineering design, automotive powertrain, automotive structures or car electrical systems. However, these require degrees. Check the program specifications before applying. You have to meet them before you can join the program.

Online courses for automotive engineering also have options for those with bachelors or associate degrees in related fields like diesel mechanics or auto repair. Other programs online that can be pursued are automotive management, health and safety protocols and technical physics.