Online Courses for Avionics

Online courses for avionics teach you how the complex components of an aircraft works. After completing one of these courses, you will learn about air filtration parts, valves, pumps and brake systems. A well trained avionics mechanic ensures an aircraft is in good condition.

Coursework Overview

Avionics colleges cover a wide range of topics including fundamental of adhesives, sealants and coatings. Other subjects include microwave engineering, communications, control engineering and microwave design. Aspiring avionics include advanced antenna engineering, model based software testing, information theory and missile guidance.

You also have to learn about navigation systems, instrumentation and measurement for aerospace applications, power electronics, analog IC design (MOS) and semiconductor device technology.
Undergraduate programs are available in different schools.

The subjects include aviation management, turbine engine technology and technologies on reciprocating engine, metallic and composite materials. There are specialty programs on air traffic control, airport management, airline management, aircraft maintenance and other subjects.

Additional Details

Classes for avionics also have to study analog IC design (bipolar), microwave electronic devices, engineering, RF and microwave circuit design and adaptive filter theory. Image processing, optimization, design and analysis of algorithms, wireless communications and array signal processing are also studied.

Communication networks, embedded system design, stochastic systems, neural networks and system identification can be studied as well. There are other subjects you can take such as soft computing systems, adaptive control, flight dynamics and control.


Internet classes usually offer separate classes for different aviation technologies. Certificate and associate degree programs are available. Online and live training focuses on aircraft repair and maintenance. Students can take up a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration on aviation.

You can specialize in technical troubleshooting, avionics systems and repair. During these programs, students have to learn about business skills, computers, electronics and manufacturing and maintenance technology. Other program options are available, and many of them on the web. However, every school requires you to attend a live class.

Other Information

There are shorter programs that you can take up. There are courses for becoming an avionics technician, power plant maintenance technician, airframe maintenance technician, aviation maintenance technical engineer and others. You will also learn about topics such as avionic technology and electrical power systems. There are also studies on production processes, aviation materials and aircraft science.

Graduates of online courses for avionics are very much in demand in the airline industry. More and more of these classes are on the web, testament to this fact.