Online Courses for Free HVAC

Online courses for free HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) are giving budget conscious students a chance to learn. Because these courses are free, there is no additional financial burden.

Subjects Covered

The main topics are of course air-conditioning, ventilation and heating. Topics are divided into engineering, design systems and technology. Most of the time, the emphasis is on the study of the different systems used today. Just like other HVAC online classes, these resources offer studies about blueprints. The end goal is to teach you how to make an energy efficient device.

In a system design course, the emphasis will be on heating issues, proper vents, and the basics of air conditioning design. An up to date website introduces you to the latest technologies used. There are also studies concerning direct digital controls systems.

Comprehensive sites include detailed descriptions of heating, air volume systems, water management and air conditioning. Troubleshooting and fixing system flaws are also included.

Other Topics

Most of these programs explain how drafting and CAD (computer aided design) are employed in HVAC system designs. The emphasis is on design and architectural integration. If you have CAD software installed, you will understand how these structures are built. More detailed courses give insights on how refrigerators are built.

Differences from Pay Sites

However, there are certain differences from tuition based courses. These free programs do not provide degrees, certificates or diplomas. There are no instructors. Lessons are not graded either. But you can study the subjects as often as you want. There are no time limits or restrictions.

Other Information

Not all subjects on the matter are covered in free resources. Energy systems engineering audit analysis is usually found in pay courses only. Here the focus is examining how old HVAC systems worked. This course includes many other subjects required for blueprint creation. You also learn what types of air conditioning systems are used today.

You can use these courses to distinguish between commercial, residential and industrial settings. Other programs go much further. They explain how these devices work. You also learn how these systems are constructed. Some of these sites also offer links to sites on how to repair these structures.

Online courses for free HVAC do not earn credit like other HVAC learning programs. But the information provided can be used as a supplement. For those who are just starting out, these free resources will serve as an introduction.