Online Courses for Biology 12

Online courses for biology 12 consist of the same subjects as those in traditional classrooms. All of these programs begin by explaining what biology is about: studying living organisms.

Coursework Overview

Biology 12 classes include topics such as the chemistry of life, enzymes, membrane structure and function. There are also subjects such as DNA and its function, cell structure, and the systems of the human body. These include the reproductive, urinary, nervous, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems.

Other subjects are about animal nutrition, basic principles of animal form and function. Aspiring biologists also have to study plant responses to internal and external signals, biotechnology and plant nutrition. You can pursue energy biosciences, research stem cells and nanosciences. Some courses are introductory, while others are more advanced. The credit hours in these programs are going to vary.

Advanced Topics

As an online student you can study restoration ecology, conservation biology, ecosystems and other types of biology. Other studies that have to be taken are the biosphere, ecology, animal nervous systems and animal development. Animal reproduction, hormones and the endocrine system are also studied.

There are also courses for osmoregulation and excretion, studies on the immune system, circulation and gas exchange. Students can also pursue areas of research in phylogeny and systematics, water and the fitness of the environment. The focus will depend on the class. It may be about plants, humans or other organisms. You will learn what it is by going through the course syllabus or outline.

Live Classes

There are online schools with live components. These websites have laboratories where you can perform various experiments. You should check the location of the school if there are intensive live classes. After completing biology 12, you can study for a degree. Colleges offer several kinds of biology programs. The number of live classes you have to attend vary. It may be only once a while or every week.

Other Information

Some of these classes provide several degrees that you can study. Master’s and bachelor’s degree in biology are available for students. As a student you can specialize in marine biology, evolutionary biology and other concentrations. Other subjects that students can study are physical biology, neurobiology, cellular biology and biomedical engineering. Students get the chance to perform research online and in live classrooms.

Online courses for biology 12 are also using videos and animation. They also rely on graphics, discussion forums and other communication programs.