Online Courses for Credit Biology

Online courses for credit biology are as diverse and comprehensive as their brick and mortar counterparts. Now you can attain a degree on the web and work as a biologist. You can also use the degree as a stepping stone for Ph D or advanced medical program studies. Because of credit programs online, it becomes easier to apply for an Internet school.


These online classes were developed so students can have an alternative option for studying this subject. Some of these courses are aimed at advanced students; others are for beginners and teachers. Other lessons are designed for anyone who wishes to gain further understanding of the subject.

Among the topics covered in Internet biology classes are the principles of ecology, forensic biology, ecological anthropology, cancer biology and various statistics about the field.

Other Subjects Covered

These online courses also cover plant pathology, microbial diversity and bioethics. The latter deals with the ethical questions involving the subject. The current issues surrounding the field are also addressed. Students will also learn how to do biological research, essential for all students.

Organic evolution and similar subjects are tackled. For those who want to become marine biologists, there are specific courses available. This is also the case for those who want to work in other related fields.


The majority of these schools require applicants to have a bachelors degree in science specializing in biology. If you want to enroll in a biological chemical engineering class, you should have a BS degree in engineering.

The purpose of this course is to help students become adept at biological chemical engineering. After graduation, they will be capable of holding managerial or technical positions in the field. All of these courses are in fact designed so you will learn to assess and handle various aspects of your profession.

Job Prospects

Biologists can use their skills in forensic science to solve crimes. They can also work to find cures for ailments and uncover new animal species. After you obtain this degree, you will gain understanding of the biological perspective and evolutionary studies on the Internet.

Biologists typically make over $69,000 a year. You can also work as an Industrial microbiologist, environmental scientist, geneticist, botanist or wildlife biologist among others.

Costs of online courses for credit biology differ. It all depends on what kinds of programs are being offered, for how long and other factors. You should contact the online school for more information.