Online Courses for CNA Certification

Online courses for CNA certification are spreading. With internet courses, you no longer have to spend several hours in class. Now you can study while at home.

Coursework Overview

The main subject focuses on patient care and what their tasks are going to be. You will also study how to take blood pressure. There are also courses for taking care of elderly patients or children. Aspiring nurses get training in communications. This is necessary so they can better realize the needs of their patients.

These schools also emphasize observation skills especially for very sick patients. CNA nursing schools also focus on infection control. Other topics you will study are health care technology, the latest treatments for ailments and critical thinking.

The latter is required in case of an emergency. There are also programs focusing on patient care strategies, human anatomy and dealing with various types of patients.
Additional Details

Essential to training are interpersonal skills and ethics. Nursing assistant hopefuls must also know the extent of their responsibilities. An integral part of the program is a study of nursing law. All medical personnel must be aware of any potential liabilities and how to handle other legal issues. Students also have to learn about nutritional requirements. This will depend on the patient’s condition.

Clinical Training

This takes place after all courses have been completed. This will be in health clinics and nursing homes. Student nurses activities are supervised by professional nurses. The duration varies from class to class. Some nursing aide classes take only a couple of semesters to complete. Others take 12 weeks.

After training is complete, you can apply in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions. In some websites there are virtual labs. This enables students to participate in experiments on the Internet. Some classes are available any time of the day, others have fixed schedules. You can find this out on their websites. Virtual labs are helped by videos, animation, presentations and lectures.


You must have a high school diploma or GED. CPR training is also required in most CNA nursing programs.

Other Information

There are many other courses that may be covered. Aside from those mentioned, advanced nursing skills are taught in some classes. Therapeutic communications is also included.

Online courses for CNA certification are being offered by several universities. After completing these programs, you can sit for the state exam. Consult the state board if they have any additional requirements.