Online Courses for Nursing Assistant

Online courses for nursing assistant (CNA) can be taken in several universities and colleges. Before you enroll any of these programs, understanding some basic facts about them will be necessary.

Overview of Coursework

The subjects focus on caring for patients while they are recovering from disease or surgery. CNA schools undergo intense education. Online books (or textbooks) will be used to study anatomy, physiology, ethics, nursing laws and terminology among others.

Other courses will center on their various duties. These include emptying catheter bags, medical supplies stocking and taking patient vitals. Other studies are about recording fluid input and output and assisting patients during feeding time.

After completing the course, students will be given a certificate of completion. The next step is to prepare for the state exam. Students who pass will be certified. Nursing students will find out how to take care of patients who need round the clock assistance. Other courses for taking care of geriatric patients are also online. In some courses you will learn how to prepare some meals.

Additional Subjects

Aspiring nurse assistants will also take up light housekeeping, running errands and how to prepare beds. All of these tasks may be asked of an assistant. In addition, students get trained on how to change linens, draping patients, ambulatory care and dressing. The latter includes subjects about dressing, undressing and bathing.

Online courses are run by professionals.

During their clinical training, nurses are going to work under the guidance of a registered nurse. The job of the nurse is to make sure the students understand what they are doing. These live and online classes determine what how well prospective nurses can follow orders.

Job Outlook

These courses will explain where they will work. During training, nursing students will be taught how to check on patients. They will also be trained how to bathe, dress and help patients with their bathroom activities. These online courses explain what it takes to work in a nursing home.


All nursing schools will require students to complete their studies. They should only take those nursing programs in the state where they will work.

Online courses for nursing assistant are not entirely on the web. Clinical training will be required to graduate. The number of hours you must complete will vary from class to class. Clinical training may take place in nursing homes or another facility specified by the school.