Online Courses for College Credit Statistics

Online courses for college credit statistics can be found in undergraduate degree programs and majors. The emphasis is on collecting data and then analyzing the results.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with statistics classes offer different types of programs. Topics usually include data description, normal distribution, covariance, variance, expected values and probability distributions.

You will also study continuous random variables, statistical methods, analysis of variance, correlation, regression and nonparametric statistics. Other topics are about multivariate statistical techniques, designs for product development and process improvement and data analysis in statistics.

More Courses

You may also be required to study laboratory science stats, psychological research methods and categorical data analysis. Calculus, sampling fundamentals and fundamental theories of statistics are also studied. Linear regression, tests of hypotheses, multiple comparisons, curvilinear regression and multivariate analysis of variance are also included.

Additional Details

Students taking up an Associate of Science in Applied Statistics can find work in various fields related to statistics. By the end of the program, students will learn how to gather data, interpret and use it for research purposes. They study how to assess data using the appropriate methods.


Students who want to enroll in an Associate of Science in Applied Statistics degree program have to submit their high school records. Colleges also require a minimum grade point average (GPA). ACT and SAT scores are required in some schools. After you complete the degree, you can enroll in a four-year bachelor’s degree program.

Bachelor of Arts in Statistics Overview

This program focuses on statistical data analysis, interpretation and collection. They learn about making analytical decisions and evaluate data collection results. Those who graduate can work in quality management, research or become a market analyst.

Educational Requirements

If you are a transferring student, a certain number of credits are needed to get into a bachelor’s degree program. They have to meet the minimum GPA required by the school. Applicants must submit all the documents required by the school. An admissions board will review all the documents.

A Bachelor of Arts in Statistics degree requires 120 credits. This includes liberal education. The emphasis is on mathematics. Subjects include statistical theory, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and statistical analysis.

Online courses for college credit statistics can also be found in math related degrees. These are available as minors. But if you want to major in it, statistics majors can be taken up. This is required to be a professional statistician.