Online Math Courses for College Credit

Online math courses for college credit are presented in different forms on the web. Many universities in the US also offer various kinds of degree programs, some being graduate and others post-graduate.


These Internet courses have differing characteristics so students can focus on the areas they want. The information online are presented in unique ways. These virtual classes may employ video streaming so students can interact with professors.

Others provide virtual textbooks with illustrations and presentations to explain various points. No matter how the information is presented, there will be concentrations available.

Students can focus on approximation theories, numerical analysis or calculus. Other subjects like linear algebra and mathematical modeling are also covered.

Course Contents and Features

There are now several web based schools that offer doctorates in mathematics. There are also those which offer Master of Arts in Actuarial Mathematics, Master of Science in Statistics and other related degrees.

Many of them have a combination of online work along with on-campus activities. There are also universities which have a Master’s Degree in Statistics and many others.

Just like in brick and mortar universities, students can access several courses. Among them are topological quantum field theory, algebraic number theory and theories about harmonics. There are also graduate courses which focus on quantum mechanics and how it relates to mathematics.

More Advanced Courses

Advanced students who want to study topological quantum field theory, Riemann surfaces and statistical mechanics may do so on the Internet. The Markov processes are also available on some web based courses, as are biomathematics and advanced Stochastic processes. Lectures on control theory, statistical sampling theory and nonparametric statistical inference are also available.

Students can also take up probability theory, basic and advanced geometry and partial differential equations and also modern algebra. There are also special courses for topology and real and complex analysis.

Other Information

Mathematics has several branches and you can specialize in practically any of them on the Internet. There are courses which concentrate on Boolean algebras and bifurcation theory, structure of rings and modules and theory of matrices. Other areas like applied statistics, regression and linear models, discrete mathematics and number theory are explored in depth.

Online math courses for college credit are proliferating, so make sure you get the one that best fits your needs. Also take note of the schedule. This will be a factor if it requires a large number of on-campus activities.