Online Courses for College Credits

If you would like to lighten your course load for the next semester or you wish to take some time off from school without having to completely sacrifice your education, taking online courses for college credits might work for you.

Some students also take online courses in advance to finish their degree courses faster.

Online Courses for College Credits: Where to Start?

First of all, if you are currently enrolled in a campus-based college or university, you should talk to your school registrar or admin. personnel about taking online courses for college credits.

You will have to be specific about your reasons for wanting to do so in order to get as much help as you can possibly get from your school. Oftentimes, they will advise you if they are affiliated with any accredited online school.

If this is the case, then you won’t have trouble transferring your online credits to your campus credits.

Sometimes, universities themselves have their online programs that enable students to take courses from their online school and then have the credits transferred to their campus records.

University of Texas Austin – University Extension

University of Texas Austin for example, has an online extensions program, the University Extension Continuing and Innovative Education, which allow students to transfer their online credits to their UT Austin campus credits.

Now, you don’t have to be currently enrolled in the university’s campus degree courses in order to be allowed to take online courses for college credits.

The online courses will be credited to your campus courses once you enroll in any of the university’s degree programs that require similar courses you’ve taken online.

It is therefore recommended that you first check the course requirements of the degree you wish to complete at the university before enrolling in any of their University Extension courses.

Graduate On Time

Taking online courses at the University Extension will actually help you complete your degree courses ahead of schedule – or at the very least, on time.

You can take advance courses prior to beginning the actual school semester to either lighten your course load or to accelerate completion of your course requirements.

You can view the currently available courses through the University Extension website. You will have to indicate the semester that you wish to enroll in so you will be given an accurate listing of the semester’s courses.

Spring 2012 courses for instance; include Foundations of Accounting, Cultural Anthropology, Religion and the Supernatural, Principles of Chemistry I and II, Introduction to Microeconomics, Foundations of Finance and Differential and Integral Calculus.

Check to see if any of these courses correspond with your campus course requirements so you can enroll and take your online courses to be credited later on towards your campus credits.